Koyasan - Reiki Sound Healing by Deuter

Koyasan - Reiki Sound Healing


  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2006-12-26
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • ℗ 2006 Shiva Shakti Music Publishing / BMI

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USD 9.99 / Album



  • Very relaxing

    By Sdesthetician
    I love Deuter for my spa room and just for my own relaxation. Some of the best music I've come across in my years of practice!
  • Just One Word:

    By Jpanda1029
  • Heavenly

    By laughlight
    "Sound of Invisible Waters" will take you wherever you need to be....and was the song that brought me here seeking more. "Kindred Spirit"'s chimes are a reply to soft winds blowing in from the heart. I bought this breathtaking, soul touching album thanks to the reviewers comments, after listening to the previews. LOVE the entire work. Deuter at his elegant best!
  • Deuter is amazing!

    By Phoenixfaerie
    His music goes straight through you and reverberates at your very core. This album makes it so easy to find peace at the end of a hard day.
  • Koyasan- Reiki Sound Healing

    Very soothing and peaceful. I go to sleep with it playing on my timed ipod/radio almost each evening.
  • Great meditation music!

    By Jori B
    I'm not completely familiar with Reiki nor do I practice it but I came across this album when I was looking for some gentle music to meditate to. I absolutely love it. I like to play it as background music when I need to get re-centered or just when reading, meditating and sometimes when I lay down to go to sleep, just to ease my mind from all the troubles in the world. This music definitely helps to relax and let go of tension which can lead to restless nights.
  • Deuter

    By Bet You Would Like 2 Know
    Escape from gravity made me cry. It is now the inspiration for a novel that I am writing. Beautiful...just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
  • Cool Song

    By AlexanderNYC
    I bought Sound of Invisible Waters and ended up getting the whole album after listening to it. Sound healing is a cool way to re-energize the body.
  • Pure Auditory Bliss

    By kyledipod
    For a while now I have been collecting music by Deuter, and have been amazed at the range that this man can achieve. His albums are among my most played on my iPod, but none affect me so deeply as this one. His instruments and compositions paint a beautiful tapestry of some exotic far off land, their notes charged with emotion so powerful and pure that it is spellbinding. Every song on this album is an amazing piece of work, but Lovesong from the Mountains stands out as an absolute gem. This entire album is hands down some of Deuter's best work, and well worth the price. An absolute must buy.
  • Very relaxing

    By BodyKneadsTherapeuticMassage
    I am a massage therapist and Deuter's music is fabulous for reaching that deep state of relaxation. My client's have all made a comment after their session about the music. I have a surround sound system in my massage room and this cd just fills the room with relaxing sounds.